One of my best friends in Krannert, Sherrell, is getting married.

For the first time I found that  this is the season in which everyone gets married....

My junior high school friends got married, my high school friend got married, and my undergraduate friend got married too!

What a lovely world !

And now...I am going to experience the American Wedding, which is my first one, but maybe also the last.

The wedding will be held in July.I love the couple. They are very cute. I can't wait to see her in her wedding dress.

Sherrell is a interesting and creative woman. I like her design of their invitation card and their wedding website.

Looks very elegant and neat.

Click here to find their pictures and their love story. (This is the main idea for posting the article..:P)

Will post some more pictures after the wedding. I will bring my big camera.... haha



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